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Correctional Courses

Use of Force/Defensive Tactics
Instructor Certification Course

COURSE PROFILE: SPECIAL NOTE: most DT courses are geared for law enforcement
(road) conditions, not jail conditions, "two extremely different work environments". This
ground -up program is exclusively designed and developed for correctional officers
working in a "correctional/jail condition with inmates."

A one-week extensive and comprehensive (40 hour) "correctional specific defensive tactics instructor certification course." The program is specifically designed and developed for corrections/jails based on Federal parameters on jail DOJ civil rights investigations, where the author was recently a department expert. Since 1983, these programs have been in constant use with correctional facilities nationwide. Fully backed in a court of law, not one department or instructor has been successfully sued in any correctional use of force condition. This program provides unprecedented credibility with use of force & defensive tactics training for your department with five (5) year certification.

Topics Covered in the Program Include:

    • Updating/establishing lawful use of force department training standards and policy for all areas and personnel of the facility.
    • Proper use of force training parameters based on correctional conditions from a national and Federal geographic perspective
    • Confrontational Avoidance Techniques; understanding anger, de-escalation.
    • Movement/transportation of inmates from within the facility to transport vans/buses. Security priorities, escape prevention.
    • Three (3) correctional-based control & restraint techniques, Emergency Response Belt (ERB) techniques & tactics, restraint chair and all types of restraints.
    • Retention-Realistic: Edged Weapons Defense & Offensive Jail Close-Combative Tactics.
    • Correctional based OC aerosol weapons certification. (grenades, cell extractors) as well as training with the NEW TJA Protect-Spray-ShieldŽ
    • Correctional based Expandable Baton techniques.
    • Written & practical exams for instructors & certification requirements.


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