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Training Philosophy

 We are one of the only Tactical Training Firms in the United States today that addresses only less lethal weapons technology that is non-manufacturer specific!

 Our programs reflect sound," Training Tactics" in specific equipment without selling you the product. Our programs addresses training with any similar product and we make recommendations based on our evaluations, testing and field reports.

 Some manufacturer's try to force their training programs onto departments by using the approach, "it is the only program that is manufacturer recognized." We believe that this statement is totally unacceptable. A product is a product and training is training. A product should stand on it's own, abide by it's advertised capabilities and function with reliability! They sell products, we train in their use. That's all we have done, full time, for 36 years.

 Training is education that goes far beyond a product's declaration. Proper use, tactical application and methods involving use of any law enforcement product in a use of force condition can quickly become a liability issue. And ask for a manufacturer's liability product insurance policy. You'll find that it virtually negates training and covers only product liability. In this litigious world the manufacturer will nearly always put the training issue directly in the departments lap. If the manufacturer doesn't, you can be assured the plaintiff's attorney will !

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