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LESS LETHAL SHOTGUN SPECIALIST™ Instructor Certification Course© & Re-Certification.

Evaluated as the nations leading and most progressive less lethal shotgun training program today, this continually updated Less Lethal 12 Gauge Shotgun Specialist™ Instructor Course specifically addresses effective and realistic use of less lethal flexible bean bag rounds and non-flexible hardened rubber rounds. The two-day program covers instructor level certification on the use & applications of any manufacturers 12 GA less lethal munitions available for close, medium bean bag rounds and the long range soft rubber Rocket Round® for distanced encounters. Disorienting & focused, shotgun flash-bangs as well as extremely accurate bean-bag strikes are extensively covered for various high threat situations and conditions. Combine these less lethal tools with all of your Department's 12 gauge pump shotguns. Five (5) year certification awarded.

Topics Covered in the Program Include:

• Use of force options with 12 Gauge Shotgun flash-bangs, flexible & non-flexible specialty munitions for use in high threat missions and encounters.

• Principals of specialized Shotgun less lethal munitions: components, nomenclature and specifications of 12 gauge Bean Bags and hardened rubber Rocket® rounds. Additional munitions will be demonstrated.

• Hands-on training with all Shotgun munitions is extensively covered.

• Tactical, environmental and safety concerns relating to the use and deployment of 12 Gauge Shotgun less lethal munitions are fully addressed.

• Sample Policy/Guidelines are included for department implementation.



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