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TJA-TDRŪ 12 Ga Shotgun Flash-Bang Round

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IEW, Impact Edged Weapon



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w/the Emergency Response BeltŪ

For Mental Health, Dementia Subjects

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Master Course

Master Course

 Since 1983, TJA Use of Force Training Inc. has gained a worldwide reputation as a leader in the use of force training arena for Law Enforcement, Military Units, Corrections and Security.

 TJA Use of Force Training, Inc. and TJA Use of Force International, LLC offers the most comprehensive and proven Crowd Control, Disturbance & Riot Control and Civil Disobedience training worldwide. Progressive and judicious training is available in both team and instructor levels formats.



 Regardless of your needs, TJA stands-by its reputation to provide only the best training. We are committed 100% to exceed your training needs.
  Our instructors are available to travel to your location to conduct programs. The techniques taught at TJA Use of Force Training, Inc. have been time tested and operationally proven. We personally guarantee that your department and team will benefit from participation in our "backed in court" training programs.


"TJA is an Authorized Trainer for the Bruzer." Call for details.

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JPX Jet Projector Gun - TJA Instructor Certification Courses now being scheduled nationwide
"The Viable & Safe Alternative to Electronic Control Devices"
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TJA-TDRŪ 12 Ga Shotgun Flash-Bang Round
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NEW COURSES for 2020 *********************

Civil Disturbance & Riot Control Instructor Certification Course
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Correctional - High Liability Confrontational Avoidance/De-Escalation & Use of Force Instructor Certification Course
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New Certification Courses

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